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Potassium or Potassium Alloy

Chemical formula : K or NaK

As an expert in alcalin metal, MSSA sells Potassium Metal in small shapes and packagings depending on specific requirements. Potassium can be used as a strong chemical reductor or in NaK alloy as a heat conductor.
– Under mineral oil of protection (approved FDA – USA)

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  • ONU 2257
  • CAS 7040-09-7
  • EINECS 231-119-8

Various Qualities available

Elements Units Minimum Maximum
K % >98
Na % < 2
Ca % > 0.2
Fe ppm > 25
Pb ppm > 20

Packaging and deliveries

  • Presentation Small cube* (one inch or 10 g weight), ingots (125g/250g, 500g), cast drums on request.
  • Available ➢ 5 kg net in a drum (15 liters drum)
  • Available ➢ 80 kg net in a drum (230 liters drum)
  • Available ➢ Special packaging upon request
  • Air Cargo Packaging approved by IATA on request (15 kg max. per packaging)

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